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  • Itsawig-HalfWig-KAYLA

It's a wig Futura Synthetic Half Wig - HW KAYLA

CODE: Itsawig-HalfWig-KAYLA


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Minimum quantity for "It's a wig Futura Synthetic Half Wig - HW KAYLA" is 1.

It's a wig Futura Synthetic Half Wig - HW KAYLA It's a wig Futura Synthetic Half Wig - HW KAYLA Futura Synthetic hair Loose Curl Long Length Style Half Wig

HW KAYLA Half Wig by It's a wig

It's a wig HW KAYLA Half Wig

Its a wig
  • Company : It's a wig
  • Brand Name: It's a Half Wig
  • Shown Color : TT427
  • Item Name: HW KAYLA
  • Wig Type : Half Wig
  • Wig Quality : Futura Synthetic
  • Estimated Ships in 3 business Days


its a wig

Intended Color List : 1,1B,2,4,DX2216,DX3147,P1B/30,P1B/33,P4/27/30,P4/30,TT427

Available Color : 1,1B,2,4,DX2216,DX3147,P1B/30,P1B/33,P4/27/30,P4/30,TT427

It's a wig COLOR CHART

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Hair Features

It's a Half Wig
Futura Synthetic
Loose Curl
Half Wig

Common Options

It's a wig
  • Ships in 3 business Days Ships in 3 business Days