Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair Weave Extensions - Natural Wave

Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair Weave Extensions - Natural Wave

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Unprocessed Brazilian Human Hair Weave Extensions - Natural Wave Unprocessed Natural Wave - Brazilian Human Hair Bundle Weave Human Hair Straight Unprocessed Hair Weave Extensions
Natural Wave - Unprocessed Hair Weave Extensions


Raw/Unprocessed Brazilian Cuticle Natural Hair Weft

Our gorgeous natural Brazilian hair is made of 100% Raw/unprocessed Temple hair. Our Unprocessed Hair can be flat or culry ironed for a sleek, straight, wavy and curly look.

Unprocessedd Brazilian Cuticle Hair has intact cuticles and has not been chemically treated. Each 4oz~4.5oz bundle comes from one person. This hair is perfect for that all natural look.
Our all of Unprocessed Hair is only available in its natural black and natural dark brown, but the hair can be dyed or rinsed to any color you desire.
The length of curly hair is measured when straight and not when curly. Our hair is also Single Drawn & machine wefted extensions. (A machine weft is where hair fibers are machine sewn onto a [weft] in a fixed pattern)

Hair Featured

  • Weight: Approximately 4 oz to 4.5 oz
  • Color: Natural Black, Natural Dark Brown
  • Weft: Machine weft
  • All Curly & Wavy Hair bundles lengths are measure when straight!!
  • Styling: 2 Bundles is usually Needed for full weave. (for longer length you might need 3 bundles for a full weave).


Dyeing / Bleaching : Recommended to consult hair professional. Especially when bleaching is necessary to dye to make light, vibrant, and colorful color.
Shampoo / Conditioner : Wash and condition your hair with a rich moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. We recommend using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for normal to dry hair. Brush and detangle hair before applying shampoo. When washing and conditioning your Remy hair, do not tussle or pile the hair on top of your head-this creates tangles. instead gently shampoo and condition the hair rubbing in one direction only. Rinse thoroughtly to prevent product build-up which can lead tangling.
Deep Condition : To keep your hair in tiptop shape, use a simple deep conditioner or hot oil treatment in your hair about once every two weeks. More or less, depending on what products, chemicals or styling methods you apply to your hair. What is the difference between towel drying or using a paper towel or cotton t-shirt? Towels are too heavy and absorbent for a gentle fabric such as hair. They cause friction and tend to leave knots in the hair. A paper towel or t-shirt will provide a flatter and smoother surface, absorbing just enough water to allow the styling products to set the curls and keep them intact. We recommend using a paper towel

unprocessd hair bundle weave

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